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I am the creator of Beats By a Queen. I am a female producer, singer, writer and rapper. I am also a web designer. I designed my site to provide an enjoyable visiting experience as well as to offer quality beats and vocals. I have been asked why I named my brand Beats By a Queen. I feel women should identify with being a Queen and men should be viewed as Kings. I am a woman who produces a variety of music including rap beats which is rare in the music industry. Producing beats is usually male dominated but I chose to join the ranks of female producers. I produce beats with the artist in mind. I can also create theme songs for your YouTube channel. I produce a variety of music genres such as HipHop, Rap, R&B, EDM, House and much more! The vocals were sung by me on all beats with hooks. The lyrics were also written by me. The beats and lyrics are all copyrighted, listing myself as the writer and producer. Take time to get familiar with my site. Thanks for stopping by.